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Kindly visit the math website

In order to better assist students and parents to access information about the class, I have created a website. Past lessons, videos, and exercises are readily available.

Please go here for updates about the Grade 8 mathematics class.

Please go here for updates about the Grade 7 honors mathematics class.

Welcome back to school year 2014-2015

Welcome back to the new school year! We hope that you all had a a wonderful summer break and you feel recharged.

I am excited join ISM to help guide the students on their journey of discovering the mathematics around them. It will be a rigorous course with good foundations in Algebra and its real-life applications; I am sure that we will work hard but also have fun. I have been teaching mathematics for the past eight years, starting in the public schools in New York City and then moving abroad to the International School of Helsinki, the United Nations International School of Hanoi, and Chadwick International School.

Like many of our teachers and students, I come from a diverse background. I was born in Korea and then immigrated to the United States when I was seven. I was fortunate enough to study with some of the brightest minds in the world in the U.S. and France. Besides teaching mathematics, I am passionate about helping students become the best individuals they can be, especially at a school, such as ISM, where we cherish character development. This mission encompasses doing well in school and more. I am happy to chat with any member of the community about mathematics, education in general, universities, international life, human rights, travel, current events, culinary delights, and cycling. I look forward to growing and learning with my students this year.

For the first two weeks, the Grade 8 students will be focusing on reviewing their number skills with order of operations, fractions and decimals, and integers. Please find here an overview of the course.