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COWncil members announcement

We received many excellent applications and had a really difficult time selecting the 2014-2015 COWncil members. Even if you were not chosen, we encourage you to continue following your passions to take action and serve others. Congratulations to the students listed below. We look forward to working with you to change our world one person at a time.
Sacha Bindra
Kylie Cyhn
Leina Sato
Johann Singh
Sana Singru
Liz Song
Lexi St Laurent
Razel Suansing
Abhinav Subramaniam
Sierra Thompson
Lauren Zhou
Meg Bindra
Sana Jawa
Maya McKeown
Sarina Malik
Sydney Wuu
Joseph Kikukawa
Reva Kumta
Sofia Rodriguez
Harini Radhakrishnan
David Zhang
Carina Samson